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Repeat Boutique logo of a woman wearing a hat holding a rose.


about us

Fort Collins, Colorado | since 1987

37 years ago, Repeat Boutique was developed with a lot of hard work and little bit of magic. Laura Green has owned, operated, and done all the heavy lifting with her business for three decades. To this day, she puts all of her love, energy, and devotion into her growing business. She is aided by a wonderful staff and her two daughters. This is a woman owned and woman grown business!

Repeat Boutique's mission has always revolved around three key points: sustainability, community, and affordability.


Secondhand shopping is a great way for everyone to do their part in protecting our environment. By buying secondhand goods, you are not contributing to the demand for new things to be made. Instead, you get to enjoy one-of-a-kind finds without draining precious resources & energy. By consigning your goods, you are keeping perfectly usable goods out of the landfill. One gathers what another spills.


Through the decades, Repeat Boutique has found that consignment allows a special opportunity to get involved with your community. In an increasingly online world, Repeat Boutique remains dedicated to the art and beauty of a brick and mortar store;  we thrive within our community, enjoy seeing the faces of our beloved team & clientele, and strive to continue creating a unique and engaging in-person experience for consignors and customers, new and old.  Your neighbors (our consignors!) receive a share of the money from each of your purchases! It's a mutually beneficial cycle for everyone.


We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy beautiful things. Inclusivity is paramount for us. We strive to curate beautiful objects and offer them to everyone at reasonable prices that are also fair to our consignors. Shopping sustainably, enjoying beauty, and engaging in your community should not be financially unattainable for anyone.

Come experience the treasure that is second-hand shopping.

Repeat Boutique's original location on Linden Street. 1997, ten years after opening. That's us to the left of the clock!

Screenshot 2024-02-05 170433.png

Repeat Boutique's current location, on the corner of S. College and Lake Street. Look how far we've come!

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